What is a subluxation?

If you’ ve never heard of subluxation, that’s okay; not a lot of people have.

You have over 200 bones in your body and whenever two bones come together at a joint, there can be movement. Since joints in you spine are so close to your spinal cord and nerve roots, too much or too little motion can have a serious effect. If spinal bones get stuck and do not move right, they can irritate or chafe delicate nerves. If a joint moves too much, spinal bones can press against adjacent nerve tissue. This can interfere with the vital “life force” transmitted over your nervous system that helps keep your brain in touch with your body.

Distorted communications between your brain and body can cause all kinds of health problems!

The result is vertebral subluxation complex, or simply, a subluxation. More than just bones and nerves are involved. Muscles can become too tight or too weak. Discs, ligaments and other connective tissues can become inflamed. Bone spurs and arthritic degeneration can set in.

Subluxations are serious and can cause serious health problems. However, the most important aspect of a subluxation is its effect on your nervous system. Compromising the way your nervous system controls and regulates your body can have grave consequences, including debilitating headaches and backaches.

Dr. Dooley is a licensed health care professional dedicated to the detection, reduction, and prevention of spinal subluxations. You’re always in good hands with Dr. Dooley.

Insight Subluxation Station™

Dr. Brian Dooley has joined a growing number of chiropractic doctors that have upgraded their level of care to assess the health and well-being of their community. Patients of Dr. Dooley can now be examined by the Insight Subluxation StationTM, a non intrusive technology which is a neuro-spinal screening and evaluation system originally designed to measure changes in the spinal muscles of astronauts.

Dr. Dooley uses the Insight™ technology to measure subluxations, which helps identify misalignments of the spine that cause nerve interference. Spinal misalignment disturbs the muscle’s regular nerve function, causing an abnormal amount of electrical flow to the muscles and creating other health problems. The Insight Subluxation Station™ measures the electrical flow and charts it using graphics that show the spine and specify precisely when chiropractors should adjust their patients, allowing for increased accuracy in diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

The Insight™ technology used by Dr. Dooley has also received exclusive certification as a Certified Space Technology™ by The Space Foundation, which is co-founded by NASA. “We are extremely excited to be able to bring this exciting technology to our community,” states Dr. Dooley. “Providing the highest level of care for our patients is the goal and purpose of our office.” The Insight Subluxation Station™ is certified by the US Space Foundation and used by several pro sports teams to measure health.