Quick, convenient chiropractic care so you don’t have to worry about yourself as you take care of others!

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Do You Feel like You Do Not Have Time for Yourself?

  • Are you having to stay home with sick kids?
  • Do you Have to Get the Kids to a Bunch of Events?
  • Do You Feel Like There Are Not Enough Hours in the Day?
  • Do you Have a Job that keeps You in the Same Position Every Day?
  • Do You Feel Over Stressed?
  • Do You Just Want 10 Minutes of Peace and Quiet?
  • Do You Want to Enjoy Life More?
  • Is it Time for You to Smile?

Our office is focused on the person who must keep going so they can care for everyone else.

We understand. We know what it is like to be stressed trying to get it all done. You sometimes feel like your nose is barely above water. You have so many responsibilities: getting the kids to sports and other events, taking care of your spouse, taking care of your parents, you have a job…. It just keeps piling up, how can you possibly do for yourself when you have so many others that rely on you. We get it, because we have been there.

This where we step in. We know we have what you need to care for yourself in a timely, efficient and affordable way so that you can remain the superhero you are to those around you.

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We can’t wait to meet you and we look forward to you being our next success story!

Give us a call at
(864) 898-3300
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We help those who want

  • More Energy
  • To Feel More Alive
  • 100% Get Up An Go
  • To Sleep Better
  • To Live Life at a Higher Level
  • To Enjoy Facing the Challenges of the Day


  • I have a condition that I need infusions and my numbers have increased from the mid 200’s to the last two being 405 and 374; the highest in 7 years.

  • Since I started coming to Dr. Dooley I have noticed a difference. He has not only helped get me out of severe pain but has also educated me on how to stay that way.  I would highly recommend him.

  • I have only had three migraine headaches since starting to see Dr. Dooley. My neck pain hasn’t returned at all. I have experienced an overall sense of well-being with minimal allergy symptoms and sickness.

  • I am now more active. I can work at food banks, and volunteer other places without pain interference.  Dr. Brian is the best.


What Makes Pickens Family Chiropractic So Different?

Pickens Family Chiropractic offers a completely unique health care experience like you have never encountered. The nervous system controls every function of our health and lives, yet it is the most neglected and overlooked system in health care.

We’ve All been Told What It Means to be Healthy

Good nutrition, Exercise, Clean Air & Water, Sunlight, Sleep & Positive Relationships with those around us

But have you ever had those things and then still gotten sick?

That is because our nervous system uses those ingredients and coordinates the life process you we have normal body function.

In this office we used advanced computer technology to assess the health of your nervous system and use gentle, specific spinal adjustments to release tension from your nervous system that comes from your spine.

That tension, known as vertebral subluxation, builds up in the spine due to various physical, chemical and mental/emotional stressors over time and then begins to cause more nervous system stress and interference and ultimately negatively affects our health, function and quality of life.

This is why chiropractic has worked for countless people and continues to produce such great results for the individuals and families we care for in our office.

Your body was designed to be well.


Your nervous system helps orchestrate all the function of your body and helps keep you well.

Interference in that system will necessarily begin to negatively affect your health, growth and development.

We specifically locate and correct that interference, allowing the body to resume normal, natural functions and produce health.

You see, we believe you were designed to be healthy and not sick. To be happy and not sad.

We know you believe this to be true as well.

So if we find ourselves or our loved ones in a state of sickness or despair, in a state of less than optimal health and function, then there must have been some cause. Some form of interference.

That’s what we look for and correct, and in doing so help allow your body to return to its optimum state of health and quality of life.